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The Joel Osteen Most People Don’t Know

By Phil Munsey

Phil MunseyphilmunseyLove Jesus, my wife & life, my kids (crazy about my grandkids) I shepherd-shepherds. Chairman of Champion Network of Pastors w/Joel Osteen. I’m a gracist.

While praying alone in the auditorium of Lakewood Church in Houston recently, I sensed God speak in my spirit.As I pondered just how and why God has used Joel Osteen to fill this massive auditorium with the masses week after week, I felt God respond to my query with a simple impression: “Joel Osteen is a friend to sinners.”

As the day progressed, the impact of that statement began to overwhelm me. I couldn’t think of another minister with significant public influence who could bear that title—not even a close second.

Of all the accusations Christ received, none were more controversial—especially from the religious crowd.

I began to reflect on the phenomenal ministry Joel and Victoria Osteen have had in our nation, beginning with their work as pastors. Since 1999, Joel has pastored Lakewood Church, the country’s largest church—in fact, the largest in our nation’s history. It’s a church where some 45,000 people attend weekly at one location. Lakewood Church buzzes nightly with discipleship classes facilitating its.. Read the rest of the article..

The Problem With Trying to Obey the Law? No Grace

This is my input into a conversation that was started on Google+. You can follow it here if you’d like: (This thread has since be deleted)


This poster started a fierce conversation on Google+. Was either taken down or I was blocked. I don’t know.

What most western Christians fail to realize is that Jesus was a Rabbi, AND the Son of God, who came to keep the law because we could not. Therefore he was a teacher of the law. Jesus did not teach new testament theology. He was an old testament teacher, a teacher of the law.

However, once he did fulfill the law and died, and rose from the dead, the new testament was set into motion. Peter, John and especially, Paul ere teachers of the Gospel. Paul was sent specifically to the gentiles. Did he teach them the law? No. He taught them the message of Grace.

So the problem that western believers have is that we try to mix the law and grace, and it doesn’t work. It is because we don’t realize that Jesus’ life was to first fulfill the law, SO WE WOULDN’T HAVE TO. So the only thing we need to “DO” is believe.

I spent the first 25 years or so of my Christian life trying to keep God’s law. The more I tried the worse my sin became. (Read Romans 7 & 8) The problem with trying to keep the law is that I didn’t really believe what the scriptures said concerning who we are in Christ. We are what Jesus is, the righteousness of God. The moment I began to actually believe the word; that Christ is in me, and I in Him, that I am righteous and holy, that I have His nature, that is when my life actually began to change.

As long as we are trying to obey the law we are operating in the “flesh.” So the thing to “do” is believe. Believe who you are in Christ.

World, worlds

Worlds I’ve Traveled To

At this point in my life I don’t know what is real and true and what is not, excepts for a couple of things.

  • I exist here in this place and time.
  • I got married at some point and had children.
  • That family was broken somehow.
  • God is with me, still.

I find myself hoping that the world in which I live would end, soon. I don’t like it here. I very rarely enjoy anything or anyone. Is it me? I don’t really know. I think most people would say to me, “you just need to change your outlook on life. Stop being so negative.” I’m sorry, but I don’t think you can just change your mind and be different. It has never worked that way for me.

I thought getting married would be one of the best experiences of life. It turns out it was one of the hardest things I ever tried to do. As miserable as it was, I got very angry when it ended.

I felt like I had been transported to another world. I kept hoping I would wake up one day and everything would be back to normal, but it never happened. Instead I had to get used to the world I was now in.

I have been transported a couple of times now, to different worlds. Each time I find it harder to be happy than the previous world. In my current world, like the last one, I find myself alone most of the time. In this world though, I can’t call my mom. Some of my friends have gone on to other worlds. Some remain here, suffering.

I don’t understand the process. I have never been that smart. Perhaps I never will be.

Religion has played large rolls of most of the worlds I’ve lived in. It is not a large part of this one. Oh, I hear lots of religious stuff. I’m just not listening. There are too many conflicting beliefs and interpretations and predictions that are not true. I am quite tired of religion. I’ve had enough.

God is here in this world, Jesus, His Father, just like they were in the previous worlds. Through their Spirit I am together with them. They stay with me through my sadness. They haven’t taken away my sadness. I don’t know why, but at least they are here, and that is comforting. Maybe they will take is away one day. Maybe it’s me, holding on to it. I don’t know.

My kids are in this world, though I don’t see them everyday. Sometimes I don’t feel needed by them. But then, they don’t know what or who they need. They don’t ask my advice about anything. Sometimes I give it anyway. I am their dad after all. Sometimes I impose my will on them, for their own good. I am competing against a million other influences in their lives, but I have to try. I brought them into a very dark world, and it gets darker by the minute. My desire is to get them out alive. Sometimes, most of the time, I don’t know how